Santafe de Antioquia Tour

Step into the heart of history and sunshine with our Santa Fe de Antioquia Tour, a journey that transports you back in time to one of Colombia's most charming and historic towns.

Once the capital of Antioquia until 1826, Santa Fe de Antioquia is a testament to the enduring beauty and rich heritage of the region, offering a unique glimpse into Colombia's colonial past under the ever-present Antioquian sun.

Guatape Tour - El Peñol
Guatape Tour - El Peñol
Guatape Tour - El Peñol

Antioquia's historic town

Our adventure begins at 8:45 am, with departure from the modern neighborhood of El Poblado in Medellin. We navigate through the bustling city streets to our second meeting point in the heart of Medellin, setting the stage for an unforgettable expedition to the enchanting town of Santa Fe de Antioquia.

Only 45 minutes from Medellin, our first stop at "San Sebastian de Palmitas" offers a breathtaking 15-minute cable car ride over verdant rural landscapes, setting the tone for the day's exploration. As we continue our journey, we'll traverse the Túnel de Occidente, Latin America's largest tunnel, winding our way through majestic mountains and the cocoa-rich region of San Jerónimo.

Upon reaching Santa Fe de Antioquia, we're greeted by the iconic Puente de Occidente, once among the world's longest suspension bridges. Here, amidst stunning natural beauty, we'll pause for a delectable traditional Colombian lunch, savoring flavors as captivating as the surroundings.

The heart of Santa Fe de Antioquia unfolds before us as we stroll along cobblestone streets, immersing ourselves in the Spanish colonial architecture that stands as a proud reflection of Colombia's national heritage. Renowned for its devout spirit, the town boasts eight churches, four within the historic center, each telling its own story of faith and community.

Our exploration leads us to the historic main square, where you'll have time to wander, discover, and indulge in the local culture, from exquisite handicrafts to tantalizing exotic fruits. This personal exploration time allows for a deeper connection with the town's vibrant history and traditions.

Our journey concludes with a light snack, after which we'll return to Medellin, hearts and minds full of new experiences and memories. The Santa Fe de Antioquia Tour offers more than just a glimpse into Colombia's past; it's an invitation to walk the pathways of history, surrounded by the beauty and warmth of the Antioquian sun.

Join us for a day of exploration and discovery in Santa Fe de Antioquia, where every stone, street, and story invites you into the heart of Colombia's rich cultural tapestry