Coffee Tasting Experience

You can't leave Colombia without knowing something about the famous Colombian coffee.

Now you can become an instant coffee expert. Enjoy an educational Coffee Tasting session, conducted in a similar manner to wine tasting.


1 Person = $495,000 COP
2 People = $280,500 COP
3 People = $242,000 COP
4 people = $198,000 COP
4+ please request quotation

All pricing is per person, in Colombian Pesos. Check exchange rate.
  • Coffee Museum Workshop
  • Coffee Tasting Preparation
  • Try Colombia Coffee
  • Colombian Coffee Tasting

The Famous Colombian Coffee

In this 2.5 hour experience hosted by our in-house coffee experts, you’ll discover:

  • The process of making coffee from the bean to the cup
  • The flavors & aromas that exist in different coffees
  • How to differentiate between bad, good and excellent coffee
  • How to make a good coffee at home without the expensive equipment

This workshop is a must for all coffee lovers.

Andrés was an excellent guide for the coffee tasting experience! We got to try 4 different roasts of Colombian coffee beans, and learned lots about how each type was roasted, as well as about the process in general. It was also really nice that the whole tasting only took 2.5 hours, because I didn't have the time in Medellín to do a full-day coffee farm tour. Would absolutely recommend if you're interested in coffee!

Erin S - TripAdvisor

Javier was not only extremely knowledgeable, but I felt very welcomed and comfortable asking questions throughout the process. He not only enjoys coffee, but also helping others do so. I walked away with a better technical understanding of coffee production and taste, but also the idea that coffee taste should not be judged. It's individual and to be explored instead of a demand of definitiveness. No cup is ever the same!

Maps29541941373 - TripAdvisor

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