Barista Experience

Learn to make coffee like the professionals with the Toucan Barista Workshop. In this comprehensive 3 - 4 hour workshop, unlock the secrets to preparing great Colombian coffee.

This is a really fun hands-on workshop that will give you new appreciation for the art of making fancy coffees. Comes with a guaranteed caffeine kick!

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  • Coffee Workshop Medellin
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For True Coffee Lovers

After a quick introduction to the origins of coffee it's time to roll-up your sleeves as you learn the inside secrets of operating the espresso machine, the most expensive piece of equipment in a café.

Learn how to make various styles of coffee from espresso to macchiato to americano, cappuccino and more. At each step of the way our Barista will guide and encourage you to build your confidence in each coffee style.

Whether you want to get involved in the coffee industry or simply impress your family & friends with your new coffee prowess, the Barista workshop is a fun way to boost your coffee making skills.

Everytime I travel, I try to take a course of the "specialty" of that country. So finding this Barista Workshop was super cool. My husband and my best friend loved the experience. The class was excellent, it opened our eyes about coffee. Learning more about the EXPRESSO was the highlight, as soon as I have the chance I will like to have one at home since we are coffee lovers. There are not many courses like this in Colombia, locals were surprised that I found it.

Balmeri M - TripAdvisor

All coffee lovers in the world, this one's for you. The experience with maestro Andres Paniagua Arias, a man overwhelmingly passionate, intelligent, knowledgeable, patient, and fun. I love coffee and I know a lot about it, but meeting Andres was like opening the next door into the subject. The hours we spent together tasting, cupping, brewing and talking made one of the most intelectually entertaining times I've had in my life. I warmly and strongly recommend any coffee lover to take the barista workshop with Andres. Your cappuccino will never be the same again. Muchas gracias, Toucan.

BradFlorescu - TripAdvisor